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Life can be pretty tough going and one of the most significant signs that your chaotic thoughts, feelings and behaviours are taking over is a change in your sleeping pattern.


You may be experiencing far too many restless nights’ yet despite feeling overtired you lie awake tossing and turning,

watching the hours tick by. 


After a sleepless night you find yourself constantly hitting that snooze button, or

yearning to spend any downtime that you have asleep.

Have you ever thought that there must be more to life

than what  you are

experiencing right now,

feeling as though your

needs have become much less important?


Where has the identity of this once vibrant person gone?


Do you recognise those moments when you look in the mirror knowing that things could be different and

think to yourself  


Who is this person staring back

at me?

What am I truly capable of? 


When did I give up on my hopes, dreams and desires?


Are you feeling tired,

exhausted and weighed

down by the burden of

your life experiences?


Do you feel as though the ‘real you’ has disappeared?


At certain times we can feel stuck or that something is missing in our lives and everywhere we turn there

seems to be a lack of choices.


When we feel like this there is a definite lack of motivation and

even  if we did have the energy to make some changes, we wouldn’t have a clue how or where to start.


You may have experienced chaotic thoughts and

 lack of motivation in the past which maybe was fleeting and you found that it resolved itself

without much effort but this time it has become

all-consuming and your whole life is a chaotic and confusing place to be.


Recognizing the signs that you are overwhelmed early on is a step inthe right direction.


You may have found my website through a google search, seen me on Facebook or Instagram.


 I may have been recommended by a friend or you may have been part of one of my workshops and decided to

work on yourself at a deeper level.


The bottom line is that you never give up, you want to focus on your good qualities, the things thatmake you ‘you’. 


You want to charge forward with a renewed sense of belief and confidence.



You may not have a clear vision

of where you are going but you

do believe that better things

are within your grasp

just waiting to be discovered.


I will support you to clear

your head so that you can

work out what you are

thinking, what you are

feeling and work out how

your behaviour impacts your life,so that you can make the necessary changes.


You will discover ways to build

your self-confidence and

self-belief and I will show you some creative techniques to

re-design your life.

We will look at ways to get your

sleep patterns back on track so

that while you sleep peacefully

your subconscious mind will be hard at work so that you will be ready to greet the day and the tasks ahead.


Armed with a toolbox of resources you will be able to visualise the future and live the life that is waiting for you.



I am a passionate, intuitive and creative Counsellor and Sleep Coach supporting people to talk and take control of

life in their own way and on their own terms.


Self-care through Counselling or Coaching can be a

rewarding time.




You will be able to take ownership of everything that you can do to stay healthy and

sleep better again.




You will be able to take control of your life in your own way and on your own terms giving you a sense of empowerment.


If you would like to talk to me about taking back control of you life and consequently

your sleep 


please email me


Or if you prefer a friendly, free 15 minute chat to explore working with me, then please call me


Mobile      07976 131408


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My background in biological sciences, mental health and education underpins the

way I work. 


Being involved in a variety of workplaces has allowed me to cut through the jargon so that I can help to educate and show how thoughts, feelings

and behaviours can work in harmony leading to a restful night’s sleep.


When I was going through

my treatment for Stage 3

breast cancer, I met some

pretty tough sleep disorder issues and also found the benefits of positive thinking

and how changing my

mindset helped me through

one ofthe most difficult times

 in my life.   


Both my counselling training

and personal experiences

has given me a perfect platform to  explore how chaotic

thoughts impact on sleep

and on daily living.


Also how important it is to be tuned in to sleep patterns and requirements and the many health benefits that a

good night sleep can give us.



My name is Sharon and I Am

an Intuitive and Creative Counsellor and Sleep Coach Working With Adults To Stop Chaotic Thinking So That They Can Develop and Maintain New Levels of Self-Awareness and Self-Belief Leading To A Peaceful Nights Sleep.



I see sleep as having many benefits and my favourite quote comes from the 16th century poet Thomas Dekker who wrote ‘Sleep is the golden chain that ties health and our bodies together’. 


When I qualified it was an easy decision to combine my passion for the topic of sleep with my personal experiences of how chaotic thinking leads to sleepless nights never knowing which way to turn. 

My passion is to support people

to make changes in the way

that they think, feel and behave leading to a better night's sleep with a renewed vitality for life.


Counselling is never easy but

I feel that when people can put themselves first and they can imagine how they will think,

feel and behave coming out of

the other side of chaos they

willbe able to find a new way

of interacting with themselves,

others and the world in

which they live. 



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About Me

In these busy times it can be difficult to travel to a face to face appointment and changes in a daily routine

can make it harder to make a pre-arranged appointment time.


Online counselling allows you the opportunity to access counselling support at a time and place that is convenient for you.


Online counselling is not

an attempt to re-create

face to face counselling

but uses the richness of language to generate new

ways of communication.


It provides an opportunity to explore personal difficulties in a confidential and supportive environment which may include expressing  feelings that are painful and which many of us experience at  certain times in our lives. 


The content of any emails or sessions will never be communicated with a third party except where I have professional supervision of my work where your identity will never be revealed.  Supervision ensures I am working ethically and safely with clients.


If you choose Emails we will use Proton Mail which allows password protected document exchanges. 


I will send details on request and offer help to get

you set up.


Video chat or Instant Messaging will be conducted via VSee

This is an encrypted secure platform.  Details will be sent on request.

Zoom can be used on a laptop or via a mobile app.  This allows users to meet online with or without video.   


Zoom provides end-to-end encryption.


We will agree a time to meet online.Using Zoom means that there is no travelling involved or childcare costs.  


Online counselling is different to face to face counselling in that misunderstandings can sometimes happen as there may be a lack of facial expressions or tome of voice.


With this in mind we need to agree to think the best of each other and then try to express how we are feeling.


In the event of misunderstandings happening whether in or out of the therapeutic space we will seek to clarify and address

any miscommunication that may have happened.

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Counselling using video will be conducted using Zoom which is an end-to-end secure encrypted platform.


I will send details about how to use this if you want this platform.

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Contact Me

Mobile     07976 131408

You Can Email Me At


You Can Find Me On



Sleep Better Again

Online Counselling 


See Believe Act Workshops




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Please be aware that online counselling is not appropriate if you are acute distress.


If this is the case, I would advise you to contact;

  • your GP

  • your local A & E department

  • the Samaritans - UK 116 123 or email

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My current fees are shown at the bottom of this page.


I recognise that you may find it difficult to ‘justify’ spending money on your mental health and wellbeing, and yet the reality is that free or subsidised therapy services are very limited.




As a private practitioner, my fees reflect my training and experience balanced with my wish to offer affordable therapy.


It may help to think of paying for counselling as an investment in yourself, and that the very act of taking this step demonstrates a belief in your own worth. 


I understand that allowing yourself this right can be very difficult.

If you have reached this page, and believe that you can’t afford my fees, but still feel I might be the right therapist for you then please get in touch.   


I can sometimes offer reduced fee appointments and I am always happy to discuss this option.


I review my fee annually with any change taking effect from

1st January.  Fee increases are not applied to existing clients with whom I have signed a contract, but if we continue working together for over a year I reserve the right to raise my fees in the second year.

Fee payment


Payment of the fee must be made in advance of the session, or when you send your email.


I will issue an invoice to you, which I will normally do by email on the day of the session, or on the day you send your email.


If you need to cancel a session within 48 hours of

our appointment, you will still need to pay the fee unless we can rearrange for

a mutually convenient time.


You can pay me by PayPal, using the button below, or

by bank transfer. Please be aware that all PayPal transactions are subject to the PayPal privacy policy.







2020 fees for individual

(1 to 1) counselling:


Email     £50 consisting of 1 email from you and 1 email from me to you.


Instant message   £55 per hour


In person / face to face: £55 per 1 hour session


Web-cam (video call) via Zoom: £55 per 1 hour session.



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I engage with social media privately and professionally, which means there is a possibility that, if you use social media yourself, you may see my social media activity.


I respect the confidentiality of the therapeutic relationship and never share on social media the content of client work.


Reading content I post could

still have an impact on our therapeutic relationship, because I write about topics that are relevant to many people – for example, it might feel as if a post or blog has particular relevance to your situation, or you might learn something you didn’t know about me. 


You can choose to view posts without liking or commenting, in which case neither I or anyone else will know that you have seen a post.


This might still impact the therapeutic relationship but 

I encourage clients who have questions about content I post to bring this to our work together.


Clients who follow my professional page should consider their own privacy, bearing in mind that it is a public page.


If you comment or ‘Like’ a post, please be aware that this can be seen by anyone who visits my page.


I will reply to messages sent via professional social media accounts but will not engage in counselling via social media. I will normally direct people to my website or give them my email address.


I don’t accept friend requests from clients to my personal social media accounts as this can blur the boundaries of our professional relationship.


If you are a counsellor or therapist, please be aware that we may encounter each other in online counselling forums or social networking groups. If this happens, I will not identify you as a client and I would suggest that you not identify me.


I will normally avoid reading your posts in such a context, or interacting with you, in order to protect the counsellor/ client therapeutic relationship.


If you have any questions about this policy please bring them to our counselling work for discussion.

PRIVACY STATEMENT     sbacounselling

This shortened privacy statement outlines my obligations as a Counsellor and Sleep Coach, also your rights as a client.  


A full version will be emailed to you when you request Counselling or Coaching.


You will be asked to electronically to sign it.


The policy includes:

What data is collected and why it is collected.

Limits and confines of confidentiality

How and why your information may be shared.

How your data will be stored and disposed of.

Your rights under General Data Protection Regulations.

Your rights should you wish to access your data.